About Chevrolet Equinox

Inside, refinement the concern with the finish is evident. At Equinox the seats are lined with perforated leather and double seams. The panel also follows the same pattern. In addition, soft touch finishes are applied to other contact areas such as armrests and door panels.


The interior is also characterized by two shades: Black Jet Black and Ash Gray Medium Gray on the main surfaces. The panel features satin-plated metallised parts in the air vents, instrument center frame, console and steering wheel. The Equinox also has a number of other relevant items of comfort and convenience, including a hi-fi sound system with (5) speakers and (2) Bose woofers, driver’s seat with electric adjustment lumbar) with two memory options, panoramic electric sunroof and semi-autonomous parking system for parallel and perpendicular waves.


Due to its 2,725 mm wheelbase, the interior easily accommodates up to five occupants with luggage. The sense of amplitude is enhanced by the panoramic sunroof. The front panel, for example, is disassociated from the center console, bringing more best 5th wheel cover and space to the occupants. The maximum load volume of the Equinox can range from 468 liters up to 1,627 liters, depending on the configuration of the seats. The trunk also has a 79-liter underground luggage compartment that makes it possible to physically separate different types of cargo.


The central console has been optimized and aligned with the actual consumer usage needs. Accommodates various controls, LED light holders, armrest and ducts that extends the ventilation system for passengers traveling behind. They have easy access to the cabin because of the flat floor, the size of the doors and the formatting of the columns in relation to the rear seat, whose backrest has two tilt adjustments.


The aerodynamic character also helps to maximize the performance of the vehicle, which is equipped with the active radiator grille system. Its function is to reduce trawling through the electronic opening and closing control of the fins according to the need for cooling of the engine and the ventilation system of the cabin. Another positive point of the Equinox is its power, equipped with the 2.0 turbo double-flow engine with direct injection of gasoline (the same as the North American Camaro Turbo), the engine lavishes 262 horses and 37 kgfm of torque, capable of carrying the Chevrolet SUV from 0 to 100 km / h in just 7.6 seconds. As about 90% of the peak torque is available from 2,000 rpm to 5,600 rpm, the model has strong responses in the most diverse use situations.


Proof that the engine is very strong are the numbers released by the brand in the takeover of 80 km / h to 120 km / h, for example, which is made in only 5.5 seconds while the maximum speed is limited electronically at 210 km / H. Together is the sequential nine-speed “Clutch-to-Clutch” automatic transmission, with quick and fairly smooth changes. The engine also features the Stop / Start system that temporarily shuts off the engine at fuel-saving stops.


The model uses Chevrolet’s D2XX architecture, independent rear-wheel suspension, sub-frame structures and a huge amount of stability control and traction technologies. Speaking of traction, it is worth mentioning that the system available on Equinox is permanent, AWD type, and it can vary the torque transmission for each of the wheels for greater grip of the vehicle. This task is done by a central command capable of performing up to 1000 readings per second. It misses at the time of maneuvering, the steering wheel trim is very limited, forcing the driver to maneuver much more than necessary.

How many units of Equinox does Chevrolet intend to sell?


The price of $ 149,900 was anticipated firsthand for AutoSport and Chevrolet bet the value is competitive and wants to sell about 700 units per month by the end of the year, noting that the model will arrive at all dealerships by the 20th of October. It’s only two months and ten days of sales in 2017, a very short time, so the volume can be extended from 2018.

2) How much does painting come out?

The Premier version does not offer options, the only extra is the paint. But only the metallic Glory Red does not make the car expensive, even the White Summit and Solid Black Global add $ 1,000 to the value. The metallic shades Silver Switchblade and Graphite Gray leave for R $ 1,700 each. The 2.72-meter wheelbase is two centimeters larger than the Cruze (Photo: Fabio Aro / Autoesporte)


3) Will it have cheaper version than Premier?

For now, General Motors does not officially confirm other versions. However, the reception of Equinox in the market is what will dictate the decision and sources linked to the manufacturer say that an intermediate configuration is in the plans . In the United States, the crossover is also sold with a 1.5-liter gasoline turbocharged 172 hp and 28 kgfm of torque, available in the L, LS, LT and Premier configurations, the latter two with the highest import chances . It is associated with the six-speed automatic transmission (the same as the Cruze) and has a 4X2 front-wheel drive option. It could be his chance to take on the Jeep Compass and company in its best-selling configurations. In turn, the 1.6 turbodiesel offered in the US is discarded for Brazil.

4) How much will the maintenance cost?

As for the revision costs, the Equinox will cost R $ 3,132 to 60,000 km – revisions every ten thousand kilometers – while a Hyundai New Tucson costs R $ 4,274 in the same period. If you prefer a premium competitor like the Audi Q3, the figure could rise to $ 6,340. Find out more about Equinox competitors and how Chevrolet works out against them on items and prices . Flashlights and headlights are illuminated only by LEDs (Photo: Fabio Aro / Autoesporte)


5) Will the Premier name be adopted in other Chevrolet?

Chevrolet promises to adopt the same standard of nomenclature in its more expensive models, from Cruze up. That is, we can see a Premier Trailblazer taking on the faces in the Brazilian market very soon . Even because the Premier version of the big SUV has already become concept in Thailand, which serves as a barn for pickups and utilities of the General Motors group .

6) Is the finishing standard really premium?

When entering the cabin, what draws most attention in the panel is the leather strip in the perforated with apparent seams. The material is repeated in the inserts of the doors and benches, which stand out by combining the gray leather with a lighter one. But the other parts are lined with rigid plastics, with no softness at points like the top portion of the panel or below. The standard of the premium brands usually apply rubber plastics and of richer texture in these points.

Equinox (Photo:)


In turn, the construction is painstaking. The structure has only 23% common steel, 35% of it is composed of high strength steels, 31% ultra high strength and 11% steels hardened by the stamping. There is a protective cage of hot stamped steels in column A, B and floor, which creates an ultra-impact-resistant survival cell .

7) Does Equinox sold in Brazil have all the items offered on the market in the United States?

Almost everything, there are still some things left out. The most expensive Equinox Premier has an electric passenger seat and ventilated front seats, touches that would fit well in Brazil.Even so, the level of items is high and includes air conditioning two zones, intelligent LED lights (able to prevent the blind from coming in the opposite direction), Bose sound system with seven speakers, panoramic sunroof (the front open), eight-inch MyLink 2 multimedia center, two-way electric driver’s seat, keyless entry and start (car can be switched remotely by the key), cross-sensor with cross traffic sensor, automatic parking beacon parallel and perpendicular wheels, rim wheels 19 and 235/50 tires, light and rain sensor, boot lid, and others. In safety, the Equinox features some steering assistants like blind spot sensors, automatic braking and track maintenance. There are stability and traction controls in addition to the OnStar concierge. If nothing works, front airbags, front side and curtain are there to save the day. You need some items like butterflies on the steering wheel (there is only one button on top of the handle) and adaptive cruise control. Flat floor helps take three adults in comfort (Photo: Fabio Aro / Autoesporte)


8) Is performance athletic?

According to Chevrolet, the 2.0-liter turbocharged 262 hp and 37 kgfm of torque between 2,500 and 4,500 rpm takes the crossover from zero to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds. The nine-speed automatic transmission helps at this time, as does the adaptive 4X4 traction. The system is able to automatically force the rear wheels. The resumes are equally light, the manufacturer releases 5.5 s from 80 to 120 km / h. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 210 km / h. The McPherson strut is independent in the front and multilink in the rear, more sporty arrangement than the torsion shaft applied by the Cruze platform mate in the rear, while the rim wheels 19 fit wide 235/50 tires.

9) And how is the consumption?

According to official information, the Equinox 2.0 turbo consumes 8.4 km / l of gasoline in the city and 10.1 km / l on the road. The 59 liter tank allows a range of 595 km on the road, a number that could be a little better. There are a number of fuel saving features such as electric steering, direct injection, start-stop to turn off and automatically restart the engine at traffic stops and a button allows to maintain traction only on the front axle to avoid moving the rear differential and save fuel, however, we must remember that the set weighs 1,693 kg.

10) Is the internal space and trunk good for families?

They are 2,72 meters of inter-axes, exactly two centimeters more than the one offered by the companion of Cruze platform. The flat back floor and good width allow to carry three adult passengers without grips. The trunk holds 468 liters up the glass line. The rear seats have adjustable inclined backrests and there is a trapdoor below the floor to enlarge this volume a bit thanks to the use of temporary stepper in the measure 125/70 rim 17, plus the practicality of the lid with electric opening and foot sensor. A button on the driver’s door allows you to limit the automatic opening of the cover to 3/4, ideal for environments with very low ceiling.